HP Unified Wireless: Central 802.1x configuration

This post is a sample configuration of an 802.1x WPA2/AES WLAN service on the HP Unified Wireless platform.

This configuration assumes:

Central authentication: AP forwards all 802.1x ove…

HP Unified Wireless: AP Based (decentral) 802.1x authentication.

This is a follow-up on the post which shows the basic 802.1x authentication. Make sure to read that post first before continuing with the this local authentication article:


6125XLG console/aux port access for IRF renumber.For HP Blade enclosures, the 6125XLG can be used as a non-blocking 10G blade server access switch with 4x40G uplink ports. Since it is based on Comware 7 (very similar to the 5900AF model, but in a…

Getting ready for next-gen IRF !

HP Comware switches have had IRF (Intelligent Resilient Framework) for years, and it was the basis of more simplified network topologies. Now it seems HP is preparing a next-generation of IRF !

The current I…

Unified wireless : AP console/telnet access

With the Unified controllers, the APs which come online will dynamically get their configuration from the controller when they establish the LWAPP tunnel.

When AP based feature are configured, suc…

Comware IRF: L2 MAC Address roaming.

IRF is used on Comware switches (and some routers as well now) to virtualize 2 or more devices as 1 virtual device.

This is a very convenient way to simplify the network setup and management. Although IR…

Provision support for IRF MAD LACP Split brain detection.

When you use IRF to group multiple Comware switches into 1 logical device,

it is generally recommended to enable some split brain detection (split brain

happens when all the stack…


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