So if you’re like me and get angry at every object in your house and think to yourself, “This thing is useless, it should be mining!”, then this article is great minds like ourselves. Or just hyper obsessive people, either will do.

So what mobile devices did I use? Well, I was lucky enough to get my hands on some high-end stuff as well as some low end not so good stuff too. First let’s start with the lowest end of the spectrum, my LG K10 phone. It dishes out a whopping… 10-15 h/s. Not that good and makes my phone hotter than a wood stove but if you really want that extra hashing power I suppose you could whip out your old phone.

Next up the hashing power ladder is my LG tablet that I can’t remember the model. But it’s a low-end one so that’s a good enough name…

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