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Setting up Active Directory for a Disaster Recovery Environment
When you’re setting up your disaster recovery environment, you also need to think about how Active Directory needs to be setup. It should not come as an afterthought.

Most applic…


Windows Azure Active Directory synchronization aka DirSync is a application which is used to synchronize accounts from internal (on-premise) Active Directory out to Windows Azure Active Directory. So, if you create a user account in on-premise Active…

Office 365 uses Azure Active Directory. For various administrative tasks such as user management, domain management you can use Windows Azure Active Directory PowerShell module. So in this post, I will show steps to setup Azure Active Directory Power…

Add users to your Connect Controller with Active Directory Sync
In case your organization runs an Active Directory infrastructure, Ocedo can sync users from the Domain Controller to allow easy integration. The Active Directory Sync (AD Sync) feature…

The basic configuration steps for the following topology are documented in this solution.

Minimum software and hardware requirements for configuring Active/ Passive NSRP:

Firewall’s with identical ScreenOS versions and license keys

How to set up basic active/passive chassis High-End Chassis Cluster in SRX Device. The basic active/passive example is the most common type of chassis cluster. The following high-end SRX Series devices are supported: