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HP 5900AF initial setup & IRF configuration,For a complex project with many moving pieces, finding the right place to start can be difficult. We want to make sure we have a good foundation so that there will be less stress as we continue to add c…


Configure J-Flow in SRX Device.

Configuration example for J-Flow versions 5 and 8:

The following procedure provides an example of the J-Flow configuration for versions 5 and 8 (this procedure should also work with NetFlow versions 5 and 8):

Recover the password and configuration of EX-series Switch Virtual Chassis (VC) setup..Today this post provides a method for recovering the password and configuration for EX-series Switches that are in a Virtual Chassis (VC) setup.

To recover…

HP Unified Wireless: Central 802.1x configuration

This post is a sample configuration of an 802.1x WPA2/AES WLAN service on the HP Unified Wireless platform.

This configuration assumes:

Central authentication: AP forwards all 802.1x ove…

Juniper EX switches configuration examples.Very useful commands for juniper EX  switches

How to configure Interfaces, OSPF, Voip, LLDP, QOS, Access lists, Routes

and more
General commands
show mac-address table
show ethernet-switching table…

Configuration registers on Cisco IOS
oh man, I forget these all the time – so I will summarize them here:
This is a boring post for all of you not in need of this information, feel free to skip!

Ignores break, 9600 baud

BGP Configuration: Basic example in Cisco IOS
A lot of people are looking for bgp configuration information for cisco and foundry, so I’ll explain a bit about the different statements and also post a couple of configuration examples.