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Ruckus Wireless Default IP address, Username, Password and User Guide,Default Username, Password, IP Address and User Guide for ZoneDirector and ZoneFlex

Ruckus Wireless ZoneDirector:
ZoneDirector 1000
ZoneDirector 1100
ZoneDirector 3000


Full wireless coverage could be challenge for big houses or offices especially when budget is a constraint. Today I am going to share How I covered 3 Storeys of my 1100 Sq Feet home under US$ 100. Yes you read it right, Under US$ 100.

My dad built…

An Introduction to Wireless Networking Standards
Way back in the early days of Wireless LAN (WLAN) development, there were a whole lot of folks trying different types of technologies to get wireless LAN communications to work. ¬†Eventually some cl…

HP Unified Wireless: Central 802.1x configuration

This post is a sample configuration of an 802.1x WPA2/AES WLAN service on the HP Unified Wireless platform.

This configuration assumes:

Central authentication: AP forwards all 802.1x ove…

HP Unified Wireless: AP Based (decentral) 802.1x authentication.

This is a follow-up on the post which shows the basic 802.1x authentication. Make sure to read that post first before continuing with the this local authentication article:


Unified wireless : AP console/telnet access

With the Unified controllers, the APs which come online will dynamically get their configuration from the controller when they establish the LWAPP tunnel.

When AP based feature are configured, suc…

HP Unified Wireless: Portal free user-url,On the Unified wireless solution,

guest users can be authenticated through the

captive web-portal feature of the portal server.

The network admin could allow some guest traffic to pass without gu…